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M&A Support

More often than not, a seemingly perfect agreement is riddled with flaws prone to cause constant difficulty or even failure in managing employees in M&A integrations and operating business. When joining hands with your company and assessing a merger or acquisition, BTI can utilize its expertise in international investigations to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of any party. Our global network composed of investigators, lawyers, and financial professionals guarantees that no accidents will happen after a merger. We help you detect latent risks in new deals so that you make decisions with eyes wide open and keep necessary facts within easy reach.

BTI offers necessary M&A support services, including:

  • An initial in-depth analysis of potential targets.
  • Background checks of legal entities, including the verification of business registration, an examination of legal and financial documents, and the clarification of business structures (such as subsidiaries and affiliates).
  • Background checks for company executives, including the verification of their professional life and certificates and the examination of their civil and criminal records.
  • Research and analysis of the reputation of a company and the person in charge.
  • Research and analysis of possible compliance issues to determine the business contact of a company and the person in charge, including government contact, board positions, and family contact.
  • A focus on subsidiaries to avoid any legal issues or other problems from coinciding with their parent company.

M&A can be an incredible growth opportunity that benefits both parties involved. We experts at BTI can detect any latent problems before the merger begins so that you will develop your business with full confidence.

Bright Thought International is fully capable to address the challenges facing today's world. Devoted to investing in our future, we will stay committed to investing in our employees and our ability to deliver outstanding results to our clients. Bright Thought International will better inform our clients of the big picture, provide them with better advice, and make better decisions on issues on top of their agenda.