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Corporate Investigation

A prudent and thorough investigation into corporate clients is the pillar of BTI services. Whether your company tries to make sure the legitimacy of business partners or reveal an employee's fraudulent practices, you need a reliable, objective third party to carry out an investigation. BTI and its investigators excel in fact-finding: BTI investigators are locally-based, licensed, and experienced professionals you can count on for thorough and prudent investigations.

BTI helps your company:

  • Assess exposed problems while remaining cautious.
  • Prevent lawsuits from happening by identifying and evaluating problems before they harm your business operation.
  • Evaluate internal problems, such as fraud, employee theft, and other misconduct, which may undermine the bottom line, give rise to hefty costs, and even tarnish your brand reputation.
  • Garner evidence for domestic or international legal procedures.

A corporate investigation can be used to disclose fraudulent conduct, quantify losses, and determine the culprit; yet a clearly defined, well-performed corporate investigation can also protect your company's reputation. In the absence of prompt, responsible investigations, the corporate brand may suffer from irretrievable damage. Let BTI protect your company's finances, operation, and reputation.

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